1. Bali Batik Tohpati Village Tourism

Itinerary #1
Batik Tohpati Village
Bali Tourism Object

Trekking Bali Tours - Batik Hand Weaving

In addition to having a beautiful panorama, the island of Bali is also loaded with the results of handicrafts of the inhabitants. One of them is batik woven cloth. In Tohpati Village, Batubulan Subdistrict, Bali there is a center of batik made from woven fabric. A number of boutique stands offer the work of these batik crafters are famous for having high quality.

The island of Bali do

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2. Bali Batubulan Barong Keris Dance Tourism

Itinerary #2
Batubulan Barong Keris Dance
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Trekking Bali Tours - Traditional Dance Performance

Barong Dance Bali, one of the dance art that developed in the island of Gods and became a favorite tourist huburan. Staged every morning in Batubulan village, Gianyar and become the most popular art attraction by foreign and domestic tourists. The location is also strategically located on the tourist route from Denpasar to Ubud and Kintamani. So vacationing not only merely witness the beauty of

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3. Bali Penglipuran Village Tourism

Itinerary #3
Penglipuran Village
Bali Tourism Object

Trekking Bali Tours - Village

An area that is now the spotlight of almost the entire world because of the beauty and peace it offers. Is a famous village of the Island of Gods, Penglipuran Village. The village is located 45 km from Denpasar, precisely located in Kubu Village, Bangli District, Bangli Regency, Bali.

Penglipuran Village is one of indigenous villages that has developed into a tourist village that is v

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4. Bali Tirta Empul Temple Tourism

Itinerary #4
Tirta Empul Temple
Bali Tourism Object

Trekking Bali Tours - Temple

Pura Tirta Empul is located in Manukaya Village, Tampak Siring Subdistrict, Gianyar Regency, Bali. Tirta Empul, which in Balinese means water spurting out from the ground, is a sacred spring that is now a part of the Hindu Balinese worship area of ​​the same name that is Pura Tirta Empul.

The springs located in the cool highlands are also the sacred springs that the local communit

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5. Bali Mount Batur Tourism

Itinerary #5
Mount Batur
Bali Tourism Object

Trekking Bali Tours - Mountain Hills Valley

Kintamani one of the tourist attraction in Bali, which has a cool mountain air with panorama of Mount and Lake Batur is so beautiful. The most favorite area is the village Penelokan Kintamani district, this village is located on the edge of the caldera of Mount Batur, this spot is a place look very beautiful to see the view of Mount Batur with its lake.

From the altitude to see the se

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6. Bali Bali Pulina Natural Agro Tourism Tourism

Itinerary #6
Bali Pulina Natural Agro Tourism
Bali Tourism Object

Trekking Bali Tours - Agro Tourism

Holidays on the Island of the Gods, of course there are many things you can enjoy, especially the island is small, for that you can arrange or schedule a tour in Bali easily, whether you want to enjoy the natural mountain tourism, terraced rice fields, beaches and also plantations or agro tourism many are now being developed. One of them is agro-tourism Bali Pulina, this place is designed with

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